Wood Work Africa


About Us

Welcome to Woodwork Africa!

This vision was birthed to us by the Holy Spirit in February 2021 and we dived into obeying God’s instruction – with our backbone scripture in the book of Jobs Chapter 29 verse 4. This brand would be nowhere without God and this is why we would never take God’s element out of it.

The purpose of this whole vision is to ensure that our customers get quality furniture at affordable prices.

We have since then grown an immense passion for wood. Our love for the wood is wide and this has propelled us to take on challenging Bespoke projects as they come.

Ensuring we bring the essence of originality of woodwork both home and across the globe.


In a world where profit is steered to come first before value, we are keen on staying true to ensuring that profit is not just our sole aim but guaranteeing that every customer receives thoughtful returns through quality products for every penny spent on us. As we stay on this path, our mission is to be the leading company of furniture/interior décor items both home and across the globe.

We are committed to ensuring that quality is the next word you think of when you hear of our brand. Our goal is to make your shopping experience one to be remembered as we create Wooden Pieces that just fit right into your space with the option of bespoke pieces.

The pieces we present are often built by artisans armed with years of skill in production facilities where rigorous environmental controls and living wages donate in a positive way to the cultural and economic community.

We want you to feel connected to our pieces which is why we put so much thought into perfection and in most cases, 1:1 consultation via text, in person, or a phone conversation.

Our prices are matched with the high premium effect of our pieces. If you are looking for pieces that are ready to stay longer with you, then you are in the right space.

With over 100 Wooden pieces for your home, kitchen, office, and restaurant. We have a tremendous selection of the best trendy pieces to meet any design style.

Please feel free to browse and should you need private assistance, have questions about a product, or desire to contact us for any reason, we would very much like to hear from you.