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This minimalist wooden Barstool functional piece of furniture. It is made entirely of wood and leather material, with no unnecessary embellishments or decorations. The cross legs form its uniqueness giving it a strong oil. It is made with the finest wood quality and is easy to move around, making it a versatile addition to any space. Despite its minimalist design, this piece is sturdy and can support a significant amount of weight. Its natural wood finish adds warmth and texture to any room. 

This piece has a very rich smooth finish and can be used in the house, or for business purposes.

It is a modern design that is aesthetically pleasing to any elite space. It is designed to give that unique finish to your home or business place. It is the best piece of furniture produced in Nigeria. 

This piece is made to order and you can have the wood-colored pieces to your refined taste. Not only is it aesthetically

This piece is made to ord.y pleasing, but it’s also a must-have in your home or business venture. It is the best piece of furniture produced in Nigeria. 

Please Note that Natural variations in wood color and size may vary as these are handmade products and may not always look the same.

• Dust often
• Oil to keep the wood shine
• Use in a Dry Place far from moisture

4-6 weeks for 1-5 pieces. For additional items, please here to request a quote

This item is made just for you. Made-to-order items cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged but damages caused by the company during delivery should be initiated in 2 days.

Height: 29.9 inches                                                                    Width: 14.8 inches                                                                          Depth: 18.3 inches                                                                     Seat Height: 29.9 inches                                                                                                   

(Please inquire about custom sizing or configurations)                                

Van/Bus (can convey up to 10 pcs. For items more than 10, please click here to make a quote for additional cost)

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